“Disruption shifts value around. Up-ruption lifts everyone up and creates a step change of progress.”

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Up-ruption: an invitation to rise from an era of disruption to an era of higher meaning and new value creation.

Why is up-ruption needed?

In this Thinkers50 online conversation, Greg Bernarda argues that the language of business is too small for our time and explores why we need an approach that can take in more complexity and subtlety.

From organization to ecosystem

Find out how leaders of the 21st century unlock higher value creation by acting like Mayors rather than CEOs.

From compulsion to inspiration

Learn why it is time the discipline of innovation transitions from adolescence to adulthood, and how asking deeper questions unlocks both new meaning and new value.

From disruption to up-ruption

Discover how up-ruption differs from disruption through the story of Chinese e-commerce and how embracing it can unlock a step change of progress.

Up-ruption is the step change
we need to reconnect our creative power with society's evolution.

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