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Join me on a journey to discover the practical possibility of a step change of progress. In the new economy, value creation aligns with societal evolution and innovators generate multi-fold returns for themselves and their stakeholders. Learn through a blend of inspiration, real-world examples and hands-on exercises. Gain the keys to drive progress in your field.

Samples of my talks

In-person keynote

Beyond business model innovation:
how to engage your ecosystem & unlock up-ruption
Corporate Innovation in Action, Melbourne

Online keynote

Why 21st Century Visionaries Lead Ecosystems, Not Organizations
Thinkers50's Business Ecosystem Alliance

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Taking an ecosystem lens enables to redefine the rules and unlock much greater possibilities for value creation and growth.

Learn how the best innovators articulate value creation on three distinct levels:
the value proposition, the business model, and the ecosystem.

Mayor-leaders don’t just look after themselves, they take responsibility for the collective.
They are often unpredictable, because they don’t operate from the usual business template.

Sustainability has become synonymous of progress. But if it’s approached with the same ol’ business mindset, it’s only going to give us the illusion we are creating a better word. Rising to our true potential requires reconnecting with our imagination and unlocking higher forms of meaning for people. Two pre-requesites for creating the world we really want.

Where disruption shifts value around, Upruption lifts everyone up. It’s the art of aligning the craft of innovation with societal evolution and creating higher-order progress for all.

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