Guide to
21st Century Leaders

I work as a guide and sparring partner to Leaders intent on lifting their work to the next level of value creation for all.

They are Visionary Entrepreneurs, Brave Executives, Public Leaders, Wise Advisors, and Magicians of all kinds. True progress defies categories and demands your unique genius. Unleash yours!

to leaders

I bring deep listening skills, innovation expertise, and high-level synthesis to unpack situations and quickly hone in on meaning, potential, and value.

of 1-3 hours
online or in person

I design and facilitate a process where internal and external stakeholders feel seen and safe to contribute and work towards shared outcomes.

1-3 workshops To multi-year collaborations
online or in person

The brands I collaborate with:

“Collaboration used to be about breaking silos inside the organization. It is now about breaking silos across organizations" - Greg Bernarda